Our services

We are proud to be partners with creative companies, interested in tasty food and world cuisine, just like us!

Our services

Available at lunch – tea time, from 11:00 to 17:00.

Eat in

Need a break?
Come in, and enjoy your meal in a relaxing atmosphere. The mood is unique and has one goal: to make you travel and discover the world through your senses. If the weather is good, we invite you to enjoy our sunny terrace. You can also shop for a variety of healthy snacks and lemonades.

Take away

Need some fresh air?
All of our preparations can be ordered for take-away. Enjoy your meal with your friends and coworkers, wherever you like. Want to eat lunch on the go? No problem, our meals are available for take-away. Good option when spring comes back: grab lunch outside in the neighborhood parks (eg: on the Esplanade)!

Special occasions

The following services are for special occasions only, and should be discussed in advance.


Are you organising an event?
But you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen to do so? We can help! We love to prepare delicious, healthy, tasty food that will nourish your body and soul.


For special occasions,
we can deliver today’s meal at your door, in the Brussels area. This service has to be booked in advance, as we are not able to deliver everywhere (although, we would love to!).

Hire the space

Need a venue for an event?
Rent our room for your meeting; we’ll take care of the catering while you are socializing.

Our partners

L’Heureux Nouveau

L'Heureux Nouveau Logo ©L'Heureux Nouveau

Pick up your organic food basket by “L’Heureux Nouveau” at EsKape every thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. L’Heureux Nouveau (litterally, “The Happy New”, a wordplay for “The Return of Spring”) delivers organic, local food by bike. It’s also a weekly gazette and so many other things! To order an organic basket, or check this week’s basket, please visit:

Le Vin du Mois

Le Vin du Mois Logo ©Le Vin du Mois Logo

The wine served at EsKape is “This Month’s Wine”, from Geoffroy’s Selection. Every month, discover two new exclusive wines blind-tasted and selected by professional sommeliers with customer participation. The selected wines are always vinified by an independent winemaker passionate about wine and his terroir. Wanna know more? Check the concept on:

Contact us, and we’ll send you a quote as soon as possible!


You want to eat something we don’t propose yet? To inform us about products we don’t know? To see already existing recipes adapted? To propose us recipes of your own?

We are eager to see what are your ideas and proposals!