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Healthy World Food

EsKape welcomes you for a healthy lunch, a snack for those who love sweet food, a coffee, a fresh mint tea, a fresh fruit juice, a soup, some pastries… and of course some original and healthy plates full of foreign tastes.

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High quality products

EsKape “Healthy World Food” offers you a delicious moment thanks to high quality products, aromatic herbals and spices that will bring you into another part of the world. And this at any time of the day to eat in or take away.

All the recipes change regularly in order to bring you varied food and surprises in your everyday life.

EsKape counter, ©Nicolas Lescot, Atrium Brussels

Food, Place and Atmosphere Matters

As soon as you enter you feel somewhere else: the place is peaceful, clean and warm. A soft world music is playing in the background. A large counter is full of beautiful and tasty preparations from all around the world. The atmosphere is unique and has one goal: to make you travel and discover the world through your senses.

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Where and When

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Monday – Friday
11:00 – 17:00
Eat In / Take Away

Rue de Trèves 22
1050 Brussels

+32 (0)2 512 37 34